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My first drone: P3A will be here Monday!
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United States

Hello everyone,

Noob P3A will be here Monday. Im very excited and very nervous. Worried about doing the firmware upgrade....battery update,  rc update, etc.  Heard alot of bad stories about the latest firmware.

Can I just run with what is on there for now with out doing the upgrade? The new firmware is only for the new flying features anyway? I plan on using Litchi for flying as I will be using the Nexus 7 2nd Gen.  And using the Go app only for setup and calibration and such. Just heard so many bad stories about the GO app. Litchi has same features and more. Seems very stable? No bad stories? How does all that sound?  

Gonna try and start slow. Basic movements to start, etc.  Nervous about all the settings and options.....but will figure it

Also read about the new motors DJI is now using. Wonder if I will get the old or new motors?

Any advice or do's and don'ts would be great!


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United Kingdom

Do have fun - Dont Crash?!
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Willie Wonka
First Officer

United States

First week spend it getting familiar with the phantom and the app settings and just sit it on the table and play with all the bells without flying, then spend your first month flying it Line of sight without the tablet or phone just you and the phantom and controller, hover then do small circles then large circles then figure eights, then do the same with it pointing toward you so you can understand point of view reversal of inputs, just be nice and gentle with your inputs, the smoother you become the more you will enjoy it and the more it will stay in one piece....

All this is my humble opinion, use your judgement and enjoy it.
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