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DJI F550+E310+NAZA this ok?
1177 3 2015-9-21
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Hello All,

I am fairly new to multi rotors but I read up a lot and was planning on buying the below setup:
1 x DJI F550 body
1 x NAZA V2 w/everything (GPS, etc.)
1 x DJI E310 6 pack accessory bundle (
1 x Raio link AT9 Transmitter/Receiver ( ... te/32307114250.html)
1 x 4S 10000mAh 10C ( ... otor_Lipo_Pack.html)

I chose to go with the E310 cause I live in Chicago and its pretty windy, larger weight capacity, I dont plan on adding a gopro till the gopro 5 comes out so that should weigh less then the H4, I want to add a FVP transmitter and receiver to this set up soon to use with a crappy cam in the mean time...

I would like 15-20+ mins of flight with the camera or as much as possible...

My main questions/conserns are regarding if this setup is "good" and if the battery size and type are fine?
if not which battery would others recomend for best flight time and proformance?
2 x 5000 mAh better then 1 x 10000mAh? in terms of weight distribution and not?
This is ending up costing me approx. $700 with everything listed avove and lipo charger (without the gopro and gimble ofcourse), is this a good deal?
does any place sell a bundel with this frame and motors combo?

Also do I have everything I need to take it to to the sky?

Thanks in advance!!!!
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I would go with a better radio. Try the DJI DT7. The battery is fine - I use the same one. Once you add a gimbal, expect your flight time to drop to around 9 min. Without one, you should get that 15 min you want. Also, Intelligent UAS in MD sells combos. Check them out. Great website and cusotmer service. They know their stuff.
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I'm not sure if 10000mAh battery is a good chioce (very heavy). I have 10min flight time on 4S 5000mAh (Zippy Compact) on very similar setup (DJI F550, Naza V1, Gimbal Tarot T-2D, 200mW transmitter, landing gear, weight about 2.6 - 2.8kg with battery)
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I would agree. Get a better RX and smaller battery.

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