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New Version 2.2.0 DJI Go Android app. Available in PlayStore.
1155 1 2015-9-21
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New Version 2.2.0 DJI Go Android app. Available in PlayStore.

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Just been out and tested it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.5.  Version 2.2.0 DJI GO App.

First thing it did when I started DJI Go V2.2.0 was crash, it did however managed to send an error report to DJI.  That was a first time I had seen it do this.  As for the Video freezing that was happening with the previous version this is much better, not freezing but it was jerky dropping frames, pausing then carrying on.  The only other thing I did notice was the frequency graph was showing much better reception with higher readings, whether this is real or not I have no idea.  The final thing was on landing for some reason I was hovering to line up with my landing pad and it landed and took off twice very quickly on it's own, with no input from me, it should have been hovering as I was waiting for it to settle down as it was a bit erratic. More than just ground effect.  Never experienced this before.

Have not tried anything else other than this simple 8min flight.

I purchased an Apple IPad Air 2 Wifi and Cellular yesterday online, it should be here tomorrow as I have not been able to fly it with the Samsung pad for over 2 months because of the freezing video and other problems. I had borrowed an IPad Air to see if that was any better and have flown about 40 times with it. No video freezing at all with the IPad, and map access available.  So got fed up waiting for the Android version to be fixed, and every time I reported a problem or wanted some help to sort the problems out being told "it's not on our approved list".

Samsung/Android users seem to being treated as 3rd class citizens just being brushed off.  As the Apple updates are always out first, Samsung/Android users seem to wait nearly a month before things are fixed, or in most cases not fixed.  Personally I think that DJI's attitude to Android is wrong and being forced to spend another 700 euros to buy an IPad which I did not want (having paid 300 Euros for the Samsung Pad S) to use with this device having spoken to sales to establish it would work prior to purchase, then getting no help from support.

Very unhappy customer but there seem to be lots of us.
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