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Unreasonable Customer Service
632 0 2015-9-27
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United States

I need to share my recent experience with DJI customer service/tech support over an incident that happened with my Inspire 1.  I should start off by saying I'm a seasoned pilot and have been flying for quite some time.  I started with a Phantom 2 and got comfortable enough to buy the inspire to take my aerial hobbies to a next level and I was not dissapointed.  The Inspire 1 sure is an incredible machine.  However one day in southern Florida I was bringing the aircraft back from a flight, had about 15-20% battery left and was getting ready to land when the aircraft literally just dropped out of the air and landed in the water right next to me about 10 feet away.  I was looking at the iPad at the time and everything had went black on the iPad and when I looked up the aircraft had spiraled into the ocean water.  It probably was in there for 3 seconds before I grabbed it and pulled it out and at that very moment the battery exploded.  When I say the battery exploded I mean a hole blasted out of the battery and caught on fire. As I have stated before I have flown with DJI for years and I know something like this is incredibly rare.
Fast forward to today and why I am even writing this.  I thought, hey since my aircraft is under warranty, and this was clearly a manufactures malfunction, I would be entilted to some sort of repair/exchange.  Well apparently I am not.  I sent the aircraft into DJI and after waiting a month (ended up buying a Phantom 3 becuase I never thought i'd hear from them again) or so I finally got an email from the repair tech saying it is water damaged and that they will not be repairing a water damaged unit.  I can spare you the details of what exactly my response was but it went something like "It's water damaged because of a malfunction etc. etc."

If I am driving a car and my engine explodes the warranty would cover that.  This is the same expectations I had.  My aircraft malfunctioned, DJI has the flight record and still refuses to help me out.  With all of the money/praise I have put into this company I am almost dumbfounded with the lack of support I have received.

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