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Redesign of t-joints and improved quality, higher cost
641 1 2015-9-28
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I would like to suggest that the current rotational t-joints use a roller bearing instead of the compressed silicone bushing today.  I believe the current mechanism wears over time and can lead to vibration and looseness in the arms. In order to reduce micro vibrations the bearing or tube could be placed in a silicone sleeve, etc.  While there is additional cost to a roller bearing, the over cost of a base DJI I2 with LB2 and an enhanced camera (X4) could still be competitive in the USD $3200 range which would some of the additional features we have discussed (pilot cam, etc.)  I have an "A" version (I prefer the CF over the camo CF) and would suggest DJI look at returning to traditional CF weave.  I also like the improved worm drive mechanism, I wondered if slowing down or keeping the slow rpm of the drive during transform on take-off, but DJI could speed up the rpm transform during landing mode?
A hexa would still be nice.  I agree with some of the statements earlier that once I have $5k up in the air a level of redundancy is a good idea.

The new pro QC prop locks are coming to the I1?  Is there a line to show when the new pro-prop locks are fully locked?

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Mixmaven, the Inspire 1 Pro will go back to the A CF and includes the X5 camera.  A Inspire 2 would be pure speculation.  I am sure the R&D will be interested in your other suggestions.
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