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Does anyone have tried Phantom 3, Inspire 1 and Matrice 100
752 2 2015-9-29
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I am considering to buy my first DJI Drone. And would like to seek your opinion/experience on these Models .I am an amateur electronic hobbyist, and do interest about Matrix 100, to do some stuff and add on, as well as use it for taking aerial photography when travelling.
However, It is quite expensive actually, in order to have full function. ($3299+$999+$600=$4898)  (M100+Guidance+X3 Camera).
It is far more expensive than Inspire 1.

In Term of Flying Performance, (Especially Reliability and Stability) (it is really terrible that 1~3kg falling from height, to others and to me)
Is the Matrice 100 same to Inspire 1 and Phantom ? or Phantom is better for flight ?
Will there is any intermittent Problem (i.e. Sudden move or drop) on Matrice 100 or when running on Guidance ?

For M100 and these Arm, is it easy / fast to detach and reassemble ?
i.e. put it on backpack and reassemble it and fly.
(Inspire 1 is very cool and impressive, but it is too large and heavy for travelling)
Will the M100 be more Handy than Inspire 1 ?

For Photography with Matrice 100 ,
Does it alway easy to take the Propeller and Landing Gear into view ? (Even less view angle than Phantom except rotating capability )

Or in short ,
Which one is your favorite ?

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In my opinion the Matrice is not intended for what you want to use it for. It's a developer platform. Plus it doesn't tear down easily . I would look at either the inspire or phantom. If you want something really portable, I would look at the p3 with the backpack. This is an awesome solution!
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Get A P3 Pro you wont be disappointed.
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