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H3-3D Slowly drifting in Yaw and Roll -*Fixed*
2189 0 2014-12-16
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I just purchased the H3-3D and I am connecting it to an A2 controller. The unit initializes fine and assumes its normal level and down position  but over about a 3 minute period slowly yaws to the left and rolls slowly to the left. After three minutes it goes into its wild twitching routine. Prior to the twitching it does stabilize the camera as the F650 is moved manually around.  I have confirmed the drifting with the tilt channel mapped and unmapped, with the transmitter on or off.  I have installed the latest firmware with the Gimbal Assistant, and the A2 has all the latest firmware. I have a Gopro Hero3+ Black mounted in the gimbal. The H3-3D is brand new, never been flown.


Turns out I was part of the problem... I had the gimbal connected according to the WKM diagram which shows it connected to the GPS. So, I connected it according to the diagram below on CANBUS 2, and it was dead, no startup, no motion for some reason. I then used the gimbal reset with the gold pins, and loaded the IMU firmware, disconnected the USB cable, powered down, mounted the Gopro, and powered back up. Everything works perfectly. No drift, tilt function works perfectly.   Here is the diagram I made of the connections (edited from the manual for the A2)

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