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Firmware BUG found
825 0 2015-10-14
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Flight distance : 495144 ft

I found what I believe is a bug in the firmware.

The YAW expo settings does not affect the "camera synchronous follow" ... so whatever value you set, the camera always responds in the same manner, while the craft responds in another.

You can test this on the ground, try running the motors, changing the yaw expo, and watch how it doesn't affect the camera.

So for expo setting 0.2, the camera moves a lot while the craft barely makes any motion. (This might lead to camera getting back to center after yawing)
And for expo 0.8, the craft yaws very fast, while the camera barely moves. (This effectively "disables" the "camera synchronous follow" )

I believe this might lead to a small unwanted yawing of camera, if you try to yaw a bit to the right, the camera might center itself again because the craft barely rotated. (for expo 0.2 or similar)
Does anybody know where to report such bugs?

Use props
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