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X5 Pro Bitrate Increase ***PETITION FOR INFO FROM DJI***
7729 84 2015-10-15
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domidragon90 Posted at 2016-4-20 00:22
Hi Woody

He said it fixed the noise for him, have a look on his post after mine.

Wow, I wish I had read up on these forums before making the plunge from Osmo X3 to Osmo X5. I've used the Osmo X3 heavily on a lot of successful projects like this one: and have had nothing but success with DJI products. My X5 arrived this morning and I was expecting it to deliver (with measured expectations) but even after a day of testing i've run into some of these serious problems with the x5.

Domidragon90 or others including DJI reps, could you let us know what major issues have been resolved and what still needs a work around in the 8 months since the last post? Is there there an unofficial or official catalog of resolved / unresolved issues with the x5 / Osmo Pro somewhere?

For example is ISO 200 still recommended over ISO 100 to work around issues? ISO 100 does appear to still have more noise then in any other MFT camera i've used and the level of artifacting is surprising. With 4k Osmo x5 testing i'm noticing feint horizontal banding on large white walls that I've never seen even on Osmo X3. The auto white balance seems to be completely off for in-door lighting making everything super orange unless manually set. Audio became out of sync from my external rode mic, never had that problem on x3. The fan noise is so high frequency piercing at close range that it's giving me headaches, and I never get headaches. There does appear to be a lot of issues here with the x5 then just the on-paper limitations. Is there some transparency and record of what is being acknowledged and addressed? The last firmware update was on 08/25/2016 and looks pretty thin by release notes, mainly just Focus Hand wheel support. Is it true that many things change and are fixed/broken with these firmware updates but not mentioned?

I love DJI products and i'm trying to stay optimistic here...
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DJI,.... anyone home?
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vonbaron1 Posted at 2015-10-15 18:12
We just need to move away from DJI if they cannot supple what the buyers want.  Simple math that they may even understand.  I sure am looking to convert the camera to something better.

Yeah, I am absolutely not going to spend 12k for the new Inspire2 and accessories when DJI doesn't seem to have anything close to a costumer service. So many people that wait forever to have their failty products repaired or swapped or not even receiving an answer to theit complaints! Absolutely not suitable for any professional. I am happy to spend even a few thousand more on a real PRO product accompanied by costumer service for professionals. Can anybody steer me in the right direction? Freefly Alta 8? What else?
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Here's another bump.

I bought the Osmo Pro with the X5 camera after seeing how great the standard Osmo was. I expected to see a marked improvement in video quality but to be honest I'm hard pushed to tell the difference, and as such fly my I1 with the stock X3 the majority of the time.
If it were possible to upgrade the bitrate and improve image quality I'd be over the moon.  If not then I can't see me splashing out on the X5R or upgrading to the I2 in the future.

Come on DJI, if you want to keep your customers you have to make them happy and look after them, the fact that you have no decent competition won't last forever (Skydio R1 anyone?) and your "loyal" customers won't stay that way if you continue to ignore them once you have their money.  

Just imagine the positive PR that will come from doing this, YouTube would be ablaze with people praising DJI!
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