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S990 issues
638 1 2015-10-15
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Well I shelled out a bag full of cash for a complete ready to fly s900 system c/w zenmuse GH4 gimbal. As of this email this purchase was complete waste of money it seems everyday there is an issue with this piece of junk system. First the GH4 gimbal was not transmitting after numerous changing settings in the camera to get a live feed it has worked but very sporadic as of this email the video system is down again.

Now it seems like the IOSD MKII does not show any data on the screen this is something new. I have had this system for about 2 months and have been lucky to get about 2 hours flight time, the rest of the time is trying to find out why this piece of junk is not working i.e checking resources on the internet, calling the vendor that built the system etc. DJI's troubleshooting and operation manuals for the various components are a joke with no clear information. If this piece of junk every gets flying again it will be flown directly to the dumpster. My company will not be purchasing any more DJI products and are looking at other manufacturers products.

So in short don't be wasting your money on any DJI products
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United States

I agree.  The phantom 3 is amazing, but the s900 is touchy and a pain in the neck to maintain and troubleshoot.  I wonder how the flight characteristics of the inspire compare to the p3.
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