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DJI Go for Android - No mobile data when Osmo connected.
2428 3 2015-10-26
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United States

I'm trying to get my new Osmo registered and activated. Unfortunately the DJI Go app isn't being cooperative. I can successfully connect to the Osmo with the phone via wifi however, once the DJI Go app is running and it recognizes the Osmo as being connected, the mobile data internet connection is dropped and the registration process can't continue.

Can anyone help?

Oneplus One CM 12.1/Lollipop 5.1.1
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United States

ditto same problem with samsung g5    Im either on osmo wifi or my internet wifi  cant do both at the same time, am I missing something
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New Zealand

I managed to solve this in a semi hack way,

I'm on a samsung S5 so i had the exact same issue.. Unfortunately it appears this is a Android limitation at the moment, to have a connection to Wifi and mobile data.

the way I managed to get around this was:

1) connect to the device with the DJI GO app (wifi must be on at this point connected to the device)
2) make sure your account is logged in and the "activate button is presented to you
3) turn the wifi off (make sure mobile data is already on so it auto connects as soon as you loss the connection to wifi
4) quickly spam the activate button until it connects

I did this a few times in attempt and it didnt work maybe 3-4 times.

the logic was that the phone might hold the information from the wifi connection long enough for it to register the device.
it appears the information is cached for a very short time but with trial and error it worked for me so keep trying it until it works or wait for DJI to figure something out there
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Flight distance : 577543 ft

Any solution for being wifi connected to Osmo AND using mobile data for internet on smartphone? I mean some app where I set "if wifi network = osmo, then use LTE internet instead of wifi".
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