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P3A Fpv output quality and options
593 0 2015-10-29
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I've read on several forums that the P3A only streams 2mbps  hdmi out video transmission quality compared to the P3P 10 Mbps. The result is that the live feed using head play of fat shark goggles that the fpv is very pixelated and grainy to be useful. Unfortunately I wanted to go the fpv route but it appears the P3A is not capable. So my questions are:

1) does anyone know if this is something that can be fixed with a firmware update or is it hardware related and are we P3A owners screwed? I was going to buy the hdmi module and head play but holding off until this gets resolved if ever.

2) since it appears to only effect the hdmi out stream and not the lightning cable video feed to phone/ tablet has anyone tried the fpv camera / fpv goggles app that uses your iPhone as a fpv monitor. ... -i1/591886014247542
I might just try option #2 as a low cost fpv solution but haven't heard much about it and don't want to waste 60-70 on something that is crap. Has anyone tried it and any pros and cons? Is it usable and worth the money?
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