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Lightbridge 2 issues
1266 1 2015-11-1
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I installed Lightbridge 2 on my Foxtech Kraken 130Octocopter, A2 Controller, T-Motor U7, ESC T-motor 80A, Ipad 2, Ronin-M {:2_31:}and Ihave few issues{:2_28:}:
1.       MCSetting.  When I switch from GPS to Attito Manual, I see an error message in the DJI Go indicated the system “Cannot switchcurrent flight mode. To switch to AF mode, please enable Multiple Flight Mode inMC Setting” but I cannot have access to this setting with my Ipad?
2.       Couldyou please indicated how can I map the function IOC (Intelligent OrientationControl) and Cruise Control (CC)?
3.       CanI continue to use my Lightbridge 1 with my Ronin-M without causing interferencebetween the two systems?  What is thebest setup?
4.       WhenDJI will supply a Bluetooth device that will allow connection between the controllerand the Ronin-M for those like me that prefer to use the Ronin-M on a drone?
Thank you very much!

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Thanks to all for posting their experiences with Lightbridge 2 so far - I was having big troubles to get it working. Here are some of my experiences to date - I will do my best to post more findings later - hope this helps.
1. Be sure to connect the LED module, Lightbridge 2 and the Zenmuse Gimbal all on CAN BUS 2 on the A2 controller - I made this mistake and found that the gimbal would not initialise, its behaviour was just to roll left and right continuously.
2. Having corrected that issue, I found the same behaviour with the gimbal until I did a new compass calibration - then the issue was solved
3. I was using the iPad version of the app - I found that I could get video on the iPad only from the supplied HDMI cable (connected up my GoPro) on the LB channel, but if I selected EXT then there was no video at all.  The later found that on the Android version of the app there is a slider, that sets how much bandwidth is allocated to LB (fpv camera) and EXT (gimbal camera).  It seems by default, Lightbridge 2 is set to give 100% of the bandwidth to the FPV camera (LB) and 0% to the gimbal video feed (EXT) - I used the Android version of the app to give EXT at least 50% and I was able to get video from my gimbal - this took me around 6 hours to figure out - mainly thanks to the post on this forum.  Just to further note, it is clear that Lightbridge 2 has not been tested on the IOS version of the app at this time.

Note: at this time, I am still not able to get the video feed working from my gimbal in the IOS version of the app!

Some things that I have found out that are either missing or not so clear in the manual and other sources:
- The voltage that comes out of Lightbridge 2 for your FPV camera via the AV in is 12volts (more accurately 11.26v from my tests)
- I was worried that I was not going to be able to select the various gimbal modes using a traditional 3 position switch method - but in the app in the middle left of the screen there is an icon, tapping this icon gives 4 options (Follow, Free, Rest, and point directly down)  I was not able to pan the camera using my finger on the screen, like when using an Inspire 1 - so not sure if this is an available feature or if Im having trouble with it on my setup at the moment.
- There is a map function similar to the Inspire 1 controls, and on it there is the ability to draw some guides on the map - Im hoping this is some kind of "GPS route to fly" function. Something still to test
- It is only possible to have picture in picture if you are using the HDMI port, and I assume the SDI port too, but not possible in the GO App (hopefully at this time and not int he future)

Please note: I have not flown my S900, A2, GH4 Z15 with Lightbridge 2 yet - I have spent all my time trying to get it setup and trouble shoot.  I will let you more as I progress - Hope this info helps
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