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My Osmo Experience with Multicopter warehouse
885 1 2015-11-3
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Picked up an Osmo from multicopter warehouse in Colorado. I called their company and had a few questions the staff was extremely knowledgable and friendly - I think it helps that they focus on one section of the market namely quads and gimbals. They shipped me out a unit that day. I got my unit, charged the battery, read the instructions (again-been pouring over material on the internet before it arrived) The first day of shooting every other time my screen would go blue and the recording would stop. I tried many different frame rates and sizes and had the problem with multiple options. Called multicopter warehouse and they patiently tried to troubleshoot the problem over the phone - finally they had me ship it back for testing. They ran tests and couldn't reproduce the problem at first then the next day on a second round of tests just to make sure - the problem was reproduced. They immedietly responded by sending me a tracking number with a replacement osmo. Hopefully this next unit will not have the same problem. I'm running an iphone 6 plus - ios 9.1 with the newest version of the dji go app. I have quit all background apps. restarted the phone etc. So hopefully it was just a faulty unit. If anyone has any suggestions are a similar experience with solutions just in case this happens again I would be glad to hear them. On a side note if you need to order a dji product in the us or any other quad gear I can highly reccommend Multicopter Warehouse. I usually use B&H but I will be definetly be returning my business to Multicopter Warehouse for their ease of ordering, troubleshooting and no hassle replacement. Luckily they posted they had units in stock here on the forum when osmos where scarce. Glad I found them. BTW I have no affiliation with their company just a happy customer.
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"The first day of shooting every other time my screen would go blue and the recording would stop."

I've had this same problem before.  The fix for me was to change back to the SD-Card that came with the unit.
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