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Package with old Batteries
725 2 2015-11-11
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Dear DJI Team.

I just recieved my DJI Ronin M. I ordered it last Sunday and I am really thankful for the fast shipping. When I opened the package there was still one of the old batteries inside, which was kind of disapointing for me. A Friend of mine ordered his Ronin M around 2 or 3 Weeks ago and recieved the new ones. Now I wonder If I got one of the Ronins with an older, not so stabile firmware. In your Thread about the new batteries you wrote:
"All Ronin-M units will come with two new 1580mAh Ronin-M batteries and a new battery charger instead of the current 3400mAh battery and charger.". I assume and really hope now, that I can return this old battery and charger, send them back to you and get the 2 new ones and charger.

I don't want to be rude, you have created an amazing product, which is affordable for everyone and has an amazing pricepoint! The build quality is amazing, and it is insanely light and easy to ballance. But when I order directly from your store I expect to get the new and not outdated Version of your product. I am just afraid that I spend my savings on something which is not working properly and that I can't use it with the old Battery when I update the firmware. I also need 2 batteries for my jobs, so I am able to load one while using the second battery :/ This is why I ordered the Ronin now and not one month ago.

The Battery is still unpacked, and I haven't used the battery/charger.

With kind regards


P.S. Please don't respond with this copy paste message which tells me to contact your e-mail support. I just hope you can help me as quick as possible.

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Hong Kong

With the 3400mAh 4S smart battery fully charged, the Ronin-M can run for over 6 hours, depending on the attached camera rig and gimbal usage.With the 1580mAh 4S smart battery fully charged, the Ronin-M can run for over 3 hours, depending on the attached camera rig and gimbal usage. so in total, both 1580mAh batteries can run the same time as 3400mAh
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Hey Cathy,

I found that out, too. I believed I "panicked" a bit to early. I am happy now that I received one of the old Batteries! I was just afraid that the old batteries were not compatible with the new firmware. The Ronin M works awesome! Also with the new firmware! I had a 4 hour shoot in an indoor ski facility at -3,2 degrees celsius and the battery just lost 1 1/2 indicator levels, so I believe with my Setup (6D + 11-16mm Tokina f2.8) it will last even more than 6 hours, which also makes me really happy!

Thank's for your support!

With kind regards,

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