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Introducing, Ronin Ready Foam!
563 0 2015-11-11
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United States

A New Revolutionary way to transport your balanced Ronin & Camera.

Key Features:
Deploy your Camera / Ronin within minutes of arriving
Foam can hold many Camera Accessories
Replaces your existing DJI Ronin Foam
Single layer foam vs dual layer for easy access

The Story:

While I've definitely improved my build times over the last dozen shoots, the Ronin still takes more time than I would like it to.
Lately, I've found that our Ronin gets more use that our tripod as we like being able to do Steady cam shots on the fly but the
initial setup has always taken the most time of all our gear to setup. Same issue with Movi. I recently designed a foam that
replaces the original piece and allows you to store your Ronin and Camera prebalanced and calibrated, with wireless follow focus and
other modules, in your existing Ronin case so it takes only minutes to deploy when on set. I call it The Ronin Ready Foam.

With this setup, you can balance your Camera, lens, follow focus and other accessories so you have a perfect balance then remove
the handlebars and place the Ronin / Camera in the Foam the day before the shoot. When you arrive on set the next day, just throw
on the handlebars, your favorite monitor, power it on and you're ready to go in minutes with no second guessing if you balance is
right or not. Yes, you will still have to rebalance to switch to some lenses but even when you are switching lenses, you're still
saving time during the initial setup and tear down while using the Ready Foam.

I've been on some music video shoots where we kept the same zoom lens on the Camera throughout the entire video and it turned
out great. The ready foam is particularly useful for those kinds of shoots but will also save you time on any shoot you utilize it on.
Another place it will save you time is when you have to travel just down the road and you have the option of tearing the Ronin down
or carrying it on your lap. Neither of which is ideal. With the Readyfoam. You only have to remove the handlebars to store it in the case
and it will keep your balance until you reach the new location.

If I can generate some interest, I will likely design one for the Ronin-M and MOVI as well. This setup has already saved me a ton of
time and I'm sure it will do the same for you! By request. I can make custom slots for any piece of gear you would like to store in the
foam like Monitors, Redvolts, etc.

Available for purchase @

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