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OSMO App Screen versus Phantom 3 App Screen
868 2 2015-11-12
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Cyrus McCormack
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United States

I had the Go APP for the Phantom 3 Pro on my iPhone 6 and was wondering all along how you would use this App for the OSMO.  No where did I see how to change to, what appeared to be a different APP screen for the OSMO, or where or how to change over to a different screen appearance for the OSMO.  So, when I started up the Go APP after turning on the OSMO, and connecting the WIFI to the OSMO, the Phantom 3 APP came up, (there was an update notice for the Phantom 3 firmware, which I didn't need right away because of the cold, inclement weather up here in the Northeast), but I didn't see the operating screen that is in all the OSMO tutorials.  My Gimbal just kind of hung limp (all the locks were off), perhaps because the correct APP screen was not connected.  I could see a view from the camera...but it was on the screen for the Phantom 3 with all the controls for that.  The Joystick didn't do anything.  Am I the only one who wondered how the GO APP was going to make a distinction between the OSMO and the Phantom 3 operating screen?  Will I lose all the data from my Phantom 3 flights if I have to reload the APP?  I will readily concede that I'm a dummy on knowing this stuff intuitively but it seemed obvious to me that we have two different pieces of hardware that will be operating from the same GO APP; how do you change to one or the other and no one seems to have adressed the issue.   Please know also that I had purchased the OSMO on the first day of release...when it came it wouldn't work so I returned it.  I ordered a second from B&H and it woudn't work (at all).  So this is my third attempt to get up and running.  I totally love the Phantom 3 and the technology DJI is producing so I am eager to use the OSMO.  It just seems that this issue hasn't been addressed.
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DJI R&D Squad
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Hong Kong

Do not worry about ur flight records. There will always be there as long as u did not delete the app. BTW. Sync them to cloud is  a good choice.

DJI GO app detects the product when u connect to a certain product.

Drone comes first, then osmo.

After the connection completes, DJI Go prepares firmware updates notifications, fpv UI. etc.

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DJI team

Hong Kong

Have you activated the OSMO by the app?  Please activate the OSMO by app first.
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