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Check the little red light! A handy tip.
854 2 2015-11-16
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At the risk of personal embarrassment, and being quite severely laughed at, let me tell you yesterday's story:

I went to the local common, where there is a series of lakes of various sizes. Only my third time out with the camera.  It was really windy, and there was a bunch of seagulls flapping about, so I expected to get some good shots. At some point after the 6th clip I must have inadvertently pressed the red button and started recording. Thereafter, every time I hit the red button to start recording a clip I was actaully stopping it, and vice versa.  Result, six great clips, 90+ of the ground or the sky with me walking, useless.

So my tip: when you hit the red button to start recording make sure the left-hand little red light is flashing !!!

We live and learn.
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United States

Lol, i did that years ago with a vhs camera, i was filming tornado damage when i got home i had several clips of my feet in the car.
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Yeah,we live and learn. Here is the link of the user manual download: .There are detail led pattern meaning, check this out~
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