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max ampere battery charging.
1794 3 2015-11-25
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I have  one questions for DJI
The batteries of the P3 is charge with a current of about 5 A. This is equivalent to a 1C charge
can you recharge with  major ampere ?
I ask this question because :

sometimes I need to charge three batteries in parallel, in this case using a battery charger and I set 15 amp. and 17 volt
This set-up allows me to keep a charging time  same as what you get when you charge only one battery with the original 100w (about one hour)
otherwise, if I did not hurry, I use the DJI BATTERY CHARGING HUB

My question is :
As the batteries reach the max charge at different times, it will happen that the last battery will receive a 15 A, this can damage the battery ??
I have read that the electronics inside the battery controls the input voltage, this happens also for the current ??


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I believe that each battery has it's own charging circuit built in the battery so even if the last battery see's more current it will not put the extra current into that battery. The power supply is just that, it supplies a constance voltage and amperage. If you try and charge 4 batteries in parallel, the power supply needs to have enough amperage to handle the 4 batteries at one time. As each battery becomes charged yes there is more amperage for the remaining batteries but they won't use it because of the limit that is set in the internal circuit of each battery.
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jag01usn Posted at 2015-11-25 14:33
I believe that each battery has it's own charging circuit built in the battery so even if the last b ...

You hope! What happens to the balancing?

There's a popular perception that taking off with less than a fully-charged battery is a no-no. (I am NOT one of those who believe that, but I can't prove the other guys are wrong either!)

At any rate, there are more electronics in the IFB (Intelligent Flight Battery) than have ever been in any other battery I'm aware of. Translation - there's a lot of part in there. Murphy's Law being what it is, there's more in there to go wrong, go wrong, go wrong..... you get my point.

Until DJI engineers and sells a device that will (a) charge both the RC and IFB at the same time and/or (b) engineers and sells a charger that will charge multiple batteries at the same time, I would consider any attempt to do so either an excellent opportunity to have your warranty (for the batteries, at a minimum) violated or simply an experiment where there's been a lot of guesswork.

My apologies if any of those "experimenting" with such processes is an EE - they'll likely know a hell of a lot more about than I do!

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As the instructions say, you should not charge in parallel.  Even the three battery charger does not charge in parallel, doing one at a time and going to the next one until they are all done.  Art, think of this.  If you use a 15A max setting and one cuts off because it is charged, that could allow 7.5A per remaining battery, instead of 5.0.  I'm just theorizing, mind you, but it does raise questions.
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