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Hello all,
First off the DJI app works flawlessly for me so far (2.5 months). My only wish is that we could have full access to some of the information services like the number of available sattelites even when we are NOT connected with the drone. I will be doing a lot of flight in rural areas and would prefer to have the ability to scout out my locations without the drone being fully connected and ready to go right then and there.
Now I am not sure if this is even a possibility due to the location of the gps reciever and whatnot. If anyone know more about how the sattelite aquisition works with the app/Phantom 3 and would be willing to share I'd appreciate it! Also if anyone know of how to get a potential gps signal strength without a full set up that would also be appreciated!

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The acquired satellites is the number of them from your drone, so it has to be with you and turned on to see how many it locks onto. And if you're flying in a rural area and as long as there's a clrear view of the sky you should have no problem at all. Even if you can't get any satellites, you can just fly in ATTI mode.
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Sorry, for the delayed response. been having issues with this forum since October. So this is finally my first post.

If I am understanding you, and your need for GPS/GLONASS sat info. I use android, P3A is attached to Galaxy Tab4, also have and use as backup a Galaxy S5 and a Galaxy S5 Active. On Google's Play Store look for an ap called GPS Data, by Propane Apps, it's free and works great. May be avaible for IOS as well.

Hope this helps,
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HD6688D24 Posted at 2015-12-6 08:01
Sorry, for the delayed response. been having issues with this forum since October. So this is finall ...

Welcome to the forum.
You may want to check out these sites for Satellite information
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