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How to disable Go App Irrelevant Notifications.
1015 0 2015-12-1
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I spent a lot of money on my Inspire 1 Pro. I specifically bought it for work. Not to share videos, Follow people, Watch the Video of The Week, Get notified of products For Sale or Earn Medals.
I don't want to see this stuff, I don't care about it and I Don't Want to Get a Weekly Notification About Any of It.  

If there is an important update available, I want to see that, but none of this other crap!

How can I choose what Notifications I want to see and which ones I don't?

DJI needs to make a seperate version of the Go App that is for Professionals or Customers serious about flying.

Professionals or Serious Hobbyists aren't interested in Earning Medals or getting bombarded with special sales announcements. That is what Video Games and Websites are for. Not Flight Control Systems.

As you can probably tell by now, I am pretty upset. I was getting ready for a shoot for work this morning and as I was packing up the iPad's I was about to put them into Airplane Mode when I see a Blue Dot Notification pop up on the App Icon. I needed to get going for this job. Assuming the notification was something important I stopped what i was doing and opened the App only to see it was a Notification for me to watch and or vote for some Video of The Week.

Give us the option to turn off or not install all this Childish Crap..
Use props
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