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IOC bug with firmware V1.5.0.30 ??
589 0 2015-12-10
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 2104931 ft

Hi everyone,Just experienced a minor bug using the IOC function today, nothing serious but found myself getting absorbed in the tablet trying to work it out and not watching the I1 drifting towards the trees so thought I'd point it out so DJI can fix it in the next update.

I was playing with the IOC modes and found that if I tried to exit the mode using the menu on the tablet and then tried to engage another mode I kept getting the message "Cannot enable HL/CL mode. Mission conflict'. I tried this several times on two different flights and got the same result. However if I cancelled the IOC mode by toggling the IOC switch on the remote and then back again everything worked fine.
As I say only a minor issue but trying to read an unfamiliar warning message on an iphone screen in bright sun light and trying to work out what was wrong consummed more of my non-flying attention than I would have liked.
Happy flying everyone.
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