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Osmo doens't like my mike
578 1 2015-12-18
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Hi All,

I have an important day tomorrow as I'm going to film with the Osmo in the mountains the first time.

While preparing today I found that my mike doesn't work with the osmo. I have a video so you can see what I mean:

The mike works on my phone and I've tried a lot of plugging / unplugging, turn on / off butthe result is the same every time.

It also seems on the built-in mike there's a 500 ms delay, is that right?

Any Tips?


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DJI team

Hong Kong

1) About the external mic, what mic did you use? Please make sure you've turned on the audio recording in the app.
2)About the built-in mike delay, The normal delay should be 100ms and can hardly noticed by uses.  Please try to use different PC to play your video, we've got feedback before, the customer changed another PC (with higher level of hardware composition)and video player, the problem solved. If you still have the same problem, please try to do a demo test and upload the original files in the SD card of Osmo. You can upload it to Dropbox or MEGA and provide the download link here. We will analyze it and give you feedback as soon as possible. Please provide your camera setting and video format.

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