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E1200 question / Motor dampeners not all the same!
801 1 2015-12-24
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United States

Please help me understand why there are two different types of motor dampeners that came on the e1200 arms I ordered. Two sets have a hard mount on the motors, meaning stiff plastic where the motors attach to the esc and are tightly seated.

The other set has a soft mount thats called "vibration dampener (part 51)." Is one older then the other??

These "soft" mounts are very loose and don't hold the motor tightly. Can you please help me understand why they are different and how to make all of my arms consistent? Where to I get these harder plastic parts to change out the loose/soft s800 style dampners because the screw wont tighten any further and the motor is very loose.

Please note I've only flown twice and they're not worn out.


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DJI team

Hong Kong

The soft dampers are used to mount on the ESC 4 screws. The plastic stiff are used to attach in the propeller mount.
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