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liability insurance (for Germany)
756 1 2014-12-30
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Hey guys,

does anybody know facts about liability insurances. I know that an insurance is compulsory in Germany (also for hobby pilots). However, under which circumstances do the  insurances not compensate for damages, i.g. when flying over crowded areas, over busy streets, near buildings? Does every pilot need an insurence or is this per Quadrocopter?

Just imagine the Phantom experiencing a fly away and crashing onto a speed way. This could cause a mass pileup, despite huge $$ damage, this could cost lives - God forbid. But what is the purpose of having an insurance if they find reasons not to compensate?

I only know of one insident where a phantom crashed and a prop cut through a womens cheek and broke the windscreen of a car - $$$. This could happend to anybody, everywhere.

Have you caused any damages?

Cheers, and with this in mind - Fly safe!

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United Kingdom

Well I can only speak for the UK, but I would expect the same rules would apply in Germany.
Hobby Public Liability Insurance is available through several model aircraft clubs, but it will only cover you if you were flying within the rules of your aviation authority, get-out clause number 1 would be something like "pilot must comply with all national and local regulations"
So no flying over towns / people / roads etc.
I doubt any insurance company will pay out for reckless flying...
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