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GoPro stocks fell from $87 to $12
613 0 2016-1-14
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Aperently with the rapid stock price fall GoPro had to do massive layoffs.  I think what happened is the company was not innovating byond current technoligy Just using existing tech to make consumer products.  Honestly I don't think their really is a lot of innovation happening today Sure we have 4 k but thats because Canon pushed the boundries of selling a good camera and delivering exceptinal HD resolution for a good price.  But as of late it seems that many of the camera companys are taking a big fall.  But I also think that the global ecnomy is going to take a dive this year sence the royal bank of scotland says to sell everything because we are heading for a 'cataclysmic year'.

After looking at other camera companies many of them arn't doing so hot but partly I think because no one is doing anything difrent just bigger maybe faster but not mind blowing.  I think the DJI OSMO is pushing the boundries of camera tech but I still think if DJI doesn't do something to increase the quality of the camera while keeping the price poing it will follow the same footsteps of gopro.  Not saying that GoPro is less quality but in terms of what the profesionals want its still lacking espesialy sense blackmagic came out with the raw pocket cinma camera for under $1k.  The biggest problem is all the other stuff I need to attach to it to make it work the way I need it too.  thats why I was drawn to the DJI OSMO because I could use my existing tech without braking my bank.  

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