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Fw 1.5 speed reduction
557 1 2016-1-16
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Today I tested Fw 1.5 and flying at -1C without stickers also to test battery stability. The TB47 was flying about 14min until about 0%. So far so good.

However DJI reduced maximum speed tp 18 m/s vs the 22m/s I bought it with and for. This is NEW with 1.5.030 after they connected max speed to exp  settings before already. BEFORE installing Fw 1.5.030 I could still fly 22m/s when setting exp to 80% but now its downgraded to 18m/s at 80% to 15m/s at 20%.

I am soooo tired of this. Why DJI cannot just make things better instead of ALWAYS  spoil the user experience with such stuff each firmware update?

(didnt try 1.6.040 because of removed wind compensation - but probably will give it a try just for testing)

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United States

1.5 looks like bad news.  Some are reporting "drop-from-the-sky" crashes caused by this FW. DJI has confirmed this ( I believe it was Tim) here on the forum. Check the release dates between 1.5 and 1.6; it's about two weeks.

Obviously DJI moved quickly to correct something.
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