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NAB 2016
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Ok so NAB 2016 is around the corner.  Not really holding my breath that DJI will come out with the fixes before the event; however is anyone thinking that other companies like black magic might steel the osmo idea from DJI and make it better?  Not sure if their are any roomers.  I am thinking I should move twards the X5r and as an osmo type device.  but something tells me many companies at NAB will be pushing the osmo direction.  I looked at all the gimbles on the market and DJI seems to have the best stable design for the price point and size.  After looking at the X3 I think I am going to pass because it is a go pro hero on a gimble and not really suited for high quality productions as much as it pains me to say it.  After all they are using the same CMOS tech that sony is giving go pro and Sony is holding on to the better Cmos tech IE one generation down.  I am kinda worried about the batteries because they only last 30 - 45 minuts.  I can live with some of the buggs but I need a camera that will be competitive with with some of big boy cameras like red and be relitivly future proof.  In all honestly,  I really don't see why we need to go byond 4k raw as long as the latitude is there but red and arri is really kicking ass in that department.  But IMO I think arri is really doing hot.  One of the problems I am having with micro 4 thirds is the lense slections.  Haven't came acrost micro 4thirds lenses that where competitive with cinma glass and still be some what waight reduced.  I did see the olymisis zoom for $99  but not sure how that glass holds up to the cinma glass we see on the big boys. Samyang just came out with cinma glass and it looks great but its heavy as hell for a camera like the x5.  I don't know if I am asking a question but more wondering what peoples prospectives are and maybe predictions.   

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