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Digital Image Stabilization
1378 1 2015-1-2
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this thread / question is not only dedicated to DJI Inspire -

I have read in some reviews (i.e. here about the Bebop Drone) that other vendors / manufacturers now choose other ways of image stabilisation..
Of course bebot and such toy drones cannot be compared with semi-professional products.. but I am talking about the possibilities in general:

Currently most manufacturers like DJI go for mechanic gimbal stabilization - as with the Zenmuse gimbal series..

But some vendors start to use a digital image stabilization - a kind of live-editing of the footage.. I ever thought this will never lead to a good quality or a to long latency.. but it - in a first step - looks good for me..

And it has the advantage of less parts on the drone - less failure sources - and maybe cheaper production..

What do you all think? Or maybe a combination of both? Mechanical stabilization with gimbal PLUS digital live-after-processing of the footage?


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It's a great technology but I think the beebop only uses it because it needs it. As you say, it's far different on any DJI product. It'd be a cool option maybe for some users in the future possibly.

I think that anytime you have destructive editing being done to your footage without your input it's bad, I want to decide what to do with my footage, not give that decision to whoever coded the camera. So adding it to cameras is fine, as long as it can be turned off.

We can use image stabilization in post now, but most don't. The Zenmuse gimbals are that good.
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