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DJI GO external output, not working with Apple Digital AV adapter
1786 0 2016-1-27
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I have a genuine Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter which allows me to connect it to an iPad Mini, and provides a duplicated lightning port and HDMI output.  The HDMI output duplicates the screen including all the app data, while the lightning port passes through all signals for control and charging.

If I plug this adapter into my iPad and a HDMI cable to a monitor, I can successfully duplicate the display and other apps on that monitor.   Specifically, the GO app duplicates the app and video on an external display.

If I were to just plug in the adaptor, and a (genuine) lightning cable between the adaptor and the Phantom 3 controller, the GO app correctly controls the aircraft and all features work and commands are passed through to the controller.

HOWEVER, if I connect both the HDMI and lightning outputs at the same time, they don't work.  The HDMI picture is still there but there is no longer any control being passed through.  Removing the HDMI cable immediately restores control via lightning.   I have tried various HDMI cables and they are reasonably short and high quality.

I believe Apple Apps need to be written to take advantage of this device, does any one know if this is compatible with the DJI GO app?  Can the software authors look at this and fix it if it is not functioning?   Has anyone else tried this setup and had any success?

I should mention I have already fitted the HDMI output module to the controller.  It is OK, but I'd like to record the video overlaid with the app  for demonstration and training purposes, and the HDMI module output is pretty basic and isn't really suitable nor sufficient for my needs.


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