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re-flashing p3p remote
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Has anyone on here been able to re-flash their remote using the 4 button method (or any method) ?

I am communicating with support and it's kinda hit a wall.

I upgraded to 1.6 over a week ago and it screwed something up....
short story.. I can see video and fly the drone but I cannot control anything via the app, such as relink or take photo or change anything etc.  Just take off, fly, land, move camera up and down and see the image on the display.

I can flash and reflash the drone 100 times.. i'm probably on #25 by now...
I have 3 android devices and have different versions of dji go on them
the drone checks out OK for firmware updates in the hidden files.

DJI support wants me to send the drone to them for service and testing, saying it may be the usb port.  if I have to I will fork out the $100 or more to do this...

but it doesn't make sense that a simple firmware update would bork the usb port and if it did, I probably wouldn't be able to do much via the android ... but I can.

I don't remember what version I was on before I did the update.. I only did it because it's cool up here and I am going to Iceland so wanted the battery fix.

I can't relink the drone because the app doesn't accept commands.  doesn't show any drone details at all.  Just says poor image signal and strong interference and no channel info etc.. there's no interference.

Anyway I keep trying to reflash the rc, hold the 4 buttons while booting and get the blue led... usb stick flashes upon start but stops soon after.

P3P w/ GL300A RC

I'm more than happy to sit and wait for the next firmware update to try and flash the RC but odds of the RC getting an update?

otherwise my options are find someone with a similar setup around Calgary where I live to test my drone / RC to really confirm which item is faulty.

it worked absolutely perfect before the flash... ugh

so my main question again is... Has anyone on here been able to re-flash their remote using the 4 button method (or any method) ? more specifically the GL300A

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