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Pre-Program Ronin Movements With Software??
829 1 2016-1-28
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One thought I had was how great it would be to tap into the software that's already there (Assist) which you can make adjustments of roll, pan, tilt etc.But take it one step further where you can actually pre program the parameters of movement..
For example Pan 30 degrees from centre, tilt 5 degrees across the full pan and set the time taken to 15 minutes or something to that extent.
Using the current interface would mean that the controls are already there and should be relatively easy to set up.

Just a thought but this would be extremely useful for quite a large number of applications.
DJI is this something you could look at doing for your next software update?

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Maybe someone can hack it, DJI said that it could be possible but not now. I want the same feature too, been searching for that for a while, but gimbal drifts a bit, i dont think it could be really precise at repeating a shot multiple times, "gigapan" can do that, but its like a tripod head meant to do that, it doesnt stabilize footage like gimbals
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