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Aircraft Maintenance Tutorial 2
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In the previous tutorial on aircraft maintenance, I discussed maintenance tips for the battery, transformation components of the Inspire, and fuselage. If you missed it, you can find it here.
This time, we’ll talk about propellers, the IMU, and the remote controller.
Check the Motors (Using the Inspire as an Example)
1. Launch the motors without mounting the propellers. If there is unusual noise coming from any of the motors, it might be that a motor’s center shaft has been bent. If you hear lots of noise, we recommend contacting tech support to solve the problem.

Prop base 1.png
Prop base 2.png

2. Start the motors without mounting the propellers to check if they’re rotating without much vibration and that the shafts are aligned on the same axis during the rotation. If there is significant vibration, please contact tech support to get it solved.

Spin Prop.png

3. Check if the gap below the motor shell is uniform and is the motor shell deformed. If so, please contact tech support.

Prop Space.png

4. Check if the screws below the motor are tight and if there any cracks on the surrounding plastic components. If there are any cracks on the plastic components, please contact with After Sales Dept. to solve the problem.

Prop Screws.png

Check the Propellers
Check if the propellers are bent, damaged or cracked. Please stop using the propellers if they have any of these problems. Fortunately, propellers are relatively cheap and easy to replace.

Prop whole 1.png

Prop Whole 2.png

Check the IMU
IMU: the Inertial Measurement Unit, it includes tri-axial accelerometer and tri-axial gyroscope. MEMS sensor units are commonly used in small aircraft.
Please calibrate the IMU if your aircraft firmware has been updated, if you’ve just transported your aircraft a long way, if you’re experiencing drift during flight, if your roll-axis is misaligned, or if the app reports any errors. Calibration steps are as follows:
First, please ensure you’re calibrating on a horizontal surface, then power on the aircraft and the remote controller. After you’ve connected the remote controller with the mobile device, go to MC Settings – Sensors – Check IMU – IMU Calibration.

Check the Video Downlink System
1. Check if there is any physical damage of the antennas, like if there’s damage to the antenna joints or either or the 2 antennas. For the aircraft to function normally, please contact technical support if there’s any damage to these components.



2. Check the firmness of the mobile device holder. Please fasten tighten both components shown below if either is loose. Again, look for cracks, and if there are any, contact tech support.


3. If you have no signal after connecting with the mobile device, as shown below, please replace the mobile device with one on the approved devices list. If the problem remains, please get in touch with tech support.

Thanks for reading guys! Next time we’ll talk about maintenance for the gimbal camera and the Visual Position Module.

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awesome great info!
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Thanks! it's very helpful.
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