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Dronedeploy IOS App Released
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Good news for all you P3 Pro and Advanced users out there, Dronedeploy have just announced their new IOS app.
Dronedeploy announcement

For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, they provide cloud based mapping services (3D, Point Cloud, etc.) taken from sets of aerial images. Their new app does it all, planning, auto-flight, takes the pictures automatically during flight. Basically you just set it up and it flies the whole mission. You then use their service to make the images into a coherent model.

I haven't used it yet but I'm interested to get any feedback from anyone who has. What's it like? How does the app compare? Do you trust it not to crash your bird?
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The verdict is still out as of now.....  Ive been using Maps made easy in the past to take pictures then I have been processing with Agisoft.
IMO its hard to beat the control I have over the process...  The benefits to this are cost.....
1.after the initial software purchase you know the cost and can rely on it.... ground control or volume calcs cost no more then additional time to process.
2. you can 3D model anything, not just maps and you have direct control over the process
3. you can export to Cad, or pretty much any other software you want by exporting Point clouds as CSV

CONS: you need a hefty Computer... if your doing multiple projects at once and time is a factor... you will need multiple CPU'S

Drone Deploy

Pros: It's in the cloud so you can use whatever CPU you want as long as it can upload the Pics to the cloud. Multiple projects @ once... no problem.

Cons: 3D Models of structures is still in its infancy...  hefty price tag per month....if you want to use ground control its close to the 400 dollars per month.

you're input to the process is limited to uploading photos.... their cloud based system handles the rest

These are just a few comparisons Ive made thus far.....

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