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RANT..need DJI help
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Need to rant to get the frustration out.

I ordered my Phantom 3 Pro and it came to my door in late May of last year. The box had been crushed and the P3P was beyond repair and had to be returned for replacement. B&H apologized and sent me a new bird. This process took three weeks.

The new bird had problems out of the box as well with a couple of error codes that DJI helped me straighten out… this took a week.

I was then able to fly 10 flights or so when ISO 9 came out and my FPV would not work properly. I tried all the recommended fixes with no luck. A call to tech support said there was no fix and I needed to buy an android device or like him buy an Ipad mini 4. So I shelled out $400 more dollars and bought one. It did work and the FPV problem was expensively solved… more on the Ipad mini 4 later.

I was able to fly another 5 flights when a new firmware came out… I let it install… big mistake. Now I had the vibrations… the poor GPS stability…and the damn thing would not even fly straight… it flew at an angle when the right lever pushed straight forward. More time spent with support and vibration was lessened but the other problems remained.

Then all of a sudden I was getting warnings galore and erratic behavior…warning no one ever heard of when I called support and it could not be flown safely…so I sent it in for the FIRST repair. Another month without an aircraft…. By the way they told me the Ipad mini 4 was not a supported device… I said then why was it recommended by support to buy it? They just said sorry not supported and sorry for the bad info.

Weeks later it was returned with no explanation of the cause or repair. I took it out to fly and I had exactly the same warnings and erratic flight. I changed devices… I changed locations… I did the IMU and calibrations… nothing worked. I was frustrated and called support and asked for a replacement aircraft. They said they could not do that and I had to send it back in for the SECOND time and they would be sure to give the repair priority… I asked to be called when the repair was done and told what was repaired.

Well it took 5 days and three calls just to get the shipping label… oh sorry a mistake that never happens… yea right. I checked the repair daily…nothing. Then I received an email saying I was setting my waypoints above the 120 meter max altitude setting. This was false all waypoints were below 75 feet… the flight record showed that… healthy drone printout and link showed that… So I called support. I was told the tech would give me a call by the end of the day. No call but I did get a email saying the phantom had shipped… I was mad.

OK the bird arrived… I took it out to fly…the SAME DAMN WARNINGS. Called tech support demanding a supervisor… I wanted a new bird… NOPE he said we don’t do that you will have to send it in for the THIRD time. He said he would send a special two day delivery label… he would personally check it out the day it arrived and would call me. If they could not duplicate the warnings they would give me a refurbished aircraft. I said hey… I want a new bird… I have not had a properly functioning aircraft since I bought it and I don’t want a used one. We can’t do that he said… let me see what we find.

Well the two day delivery turned into 6 days…. They have had the aircraft for 4 days and I have not heard a thing!

Maybe someone here from DJI can give me a number to someone with the authority to replace this lemon with a new one.

Sorry for the Rant… Butch

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That is a complete bugger!
Hope you get it sorted soon!
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