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A plea to DJI
421 1 2016-2-19
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Please please please can you, DJI, release a stable version of your Ronin firmware. It doesn't have to be an update but just anything that is stable! I have read of so many people having issues with v3.0 that I cannot believe you have not done something already. My Ronin is currently unuseable as it can loose it's horizontal orientation at any time during a shoot and sometimes it is impossible to get it to stay level again. I have tried to downgrade the firmware but this did not help and the technician I spoke to will now not respond. My Ronin used to work pretty well, but since the recent updates it is no longer useable, and I can't seem to get that functionality back with downgrades!
I bought the Ronin ex-demo and therefore I do not have a warranty to send the Ronin for repair. I really do not want to have to spend hundreds to send the Ronin for repair, especially if the issue is with software as I believe it is. I would also be very nervous, given my previous experience with DJI customer service and the fact that the problems with my Ronin are fairly subtle and sometimes only occur after quite a few minutes of use, that the unit would come back absolutely no different.

Please can you help DJI, this is high end equipment that people rely on for their livelihoods. You must be able to do better than you are currently doing.

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