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This Lens hood works with ND filters!
932 0 2016-2-21
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Lens hoods have been around since the beginning of photography, it is only native that they find their way into the UAV / aerial imaging world. Lens hoods are great for two main reasons - the main reason is to eliminate scattered light on the front of your lens which reduces contrast and creates a flare. If you want to learn out how we took care of that in post, check out this tutorial. The second benefit of a lens hood is that it protects your lenses. Even though nearly all quad/hexocopters have their props further out than the gimbal, it will still save your glass from scratching if you hit a branch full on.

As DJI does not provide a lens hood for their Inspire or Phantom series, aftermarket is our only choice. There are many lens hoods available on ebay and other "easy to sell" platforms but allot of them have one major fault - you cant use them with ND filters. The product we found and tested is the HEROShade P3 which fits on your Phantom 3 advanced or professional. It only ways 3 Grams and we have not noticed any problems whatsoever with the gimbal of the Phantom 3 to date. To be 100% sure, we left the Phantom sitting still and left it there for a full battery charge to check if any "Hot gimbal" warnings appear in the DJI GO app. Now to the best part - as the HEROShade slides onto the whole body of the Phantom 3's camera, you can push it back and screw on your ND filter ( we tested it with the Polar Pro ND filters ).

In general there are probably many instances when a lens hood might come in handy. Especially in full blue bird days where when filming into or along side the light of the sun. The HEROShade P3 (5.99,- Euros) is just an example, but when buying make sure you choose one that will fit even with your essential ND filters attached.

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