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Little waviness and vibration in video
500 2 2016-2-26
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So we had a new snowfall last night after a downpour of heavy rain yesterday.  The temp is a nice 25 degrees outside so i decide to do a flight this morning.  Now ive seen this in a few videos and didnt think much of it till a buddy of mine who has the same drone mentioned he saw some of it in my videos.  I flew some FOV RC drones (i own two other "beater" FOV drones) and always get waves in those since they arent high end and just kind of got used to it and was happy that the DJI UAV (I have the P3A) almost eliminated it. Well apparently its not supposed to be there at all?

This is a video i just took today and there isnt much of it but its definitely there.  you can notice it at around the 2:15 mark when looking at the trees on the bottom right.  Actually its noticeable earlier than that.  and there is almost a vibration or clicking like effect when the gimbal is pointed downwards.  Make sure to full screen it to really see what im talking about.  Watching it the little window doesnt make it as apparent

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What are your frame rate and shutter speed settings if your shooting in auto setting then switch to manual settings.Example 25 fps shutter 1/50th sec to controll your shutter speed in well lit situations you will required to fit nd filter.
30fps =1/60th sec and so on.
Your suggestion to watch at 2mins 15sec isnt vibration but light flare on the lens nd filters will resolve this also.
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pi-inthesky@hot Posted at 2016-2-27 08:18
What are your frame rate and shutter speed settings if your shooting in auto setting then switch to  ...

The other suggestion is to slow down your panning (yawing) of the camera.
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