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DJI A2 + 2.4G Bluetooth Data Link
803 1 2016-2-29
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Dear Support,
we are using DJI A2 controller with the 2.4G Bluetooth Data Link.
On the ground station for Microsoft Windows we control the quadcopter to move according to the desired mission.
We found that the CLIMBING speed can never exceed 4-5 meters per second, because we analyzed the recorded flights.
When you increase the speed to 20 meters per second, only the horizontal speed increases, while the VERTICAL (CLIMBING) speed stay between 4 and 5 meters per second.

We need to simulate a ascending (CLIMBING) vertical trajectory of 6-7 meters per second with a mission on the ground station and I know that our quadcopter is able to reach that vertical speed because I can do it in manual mode.

I read on the A2 FAQ that the max climbing speed is 6m/s in GPS ATTI mode (even if I never obtained that value with a ground station mission).

Could you please help me to configure the multicopter to obtain this feature? Even a workaround is accepted as a solution. I would like to increase the maximum Climbing speed even to more than 6m/s if possible, even with some hack.

Without such feature, we can’t use your products for our work.

Thank you


Use props
Second Officer

You can't change Vertical climbing, ascend speed past that 4-5m per second.  I can only assume that they did that as a safety buffer.  FYI, although you might have been able to do descend at 6-7m per second, you are running a big chance of your aircraft dropping out of the sky due to loss of lift because of air disturbance caused by the props.
Use props
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