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Slave Remote
1359 5 2016-3-4
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United Kingdom

Hi all,

do you know if they have sorted out the dropout on the slave remote or the blockiness of video feed, i havent tried mine with both controllers yet, hopefully tomorrow, but was wondering if its been sorted out. I did connect the slave an it looked like kinda blocky to me

Any tips etc
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You have to do the hack and get back the full range of channels/transmit power.
Brought it back to proper operation for me, although the reason they disabled it was that they were using frequencies they weren't supposed to.

Google 'DJI channel hack'.
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South Africa

Hello there guys...

I intend getting the XT and at this time you can only get the complete Inspire 1 PLUS the XT camera as a kit (V2 aircraft, std and IR cameras, spare battery, iPad etc.) from Flir dealers.
I do not at this stage, intend to get rid of my first aircraft, but still keep it for the visual work.

Not a bad thing if...
I would be able to use the second remote interchangeably as master and slave?
The second or spare X3 can then find a home on the Osmo handle...
And perhaps at some stage I can get rid of the second X3 in favour of the X5.
At that stage I will marry the X5 to the V2 and the XT to the V1, the original X3 on the Osmo...

Pretty smart bit of kit at the end of the day, even if I have to say so myself...

My main concern is whether the remotes can be used interchangeably as masters and/or slaves...
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In case you want it .....
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I'm relieved I read your thread I thought  because of this Father's Day heat wave we had 113° in temucla, ca . That might've been the problem
the slave was very choppy what the hell is going on  then half green screen and choppy  pixelation type effects.
Anyway Donnies link to the channel  expansion just might be the ticket.
I'm going to give it a try very disappointing  On the slave  performance .
I hope this is it I put a lot of money with the extra remote upgrading to a Inspire x5 pro!
I  have not upgraded to the latest firmware holding off !
Thanks !


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