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DJI Care if you buy from the Apple Store?
1265 2 2016-3-10
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United States

So since I've twice been told flat out wrong information from the DJI pre-sales chat people, I wanted to double check this information on the fourm.  I would appreciate an answer from one of the DJI-affiliated people here.  Thanks...

I have ordered a Phantom 4 from the Apple Store.  It hasn't shipped yet.

I want to get the 1-year DJI Care, which I can't get on the Apple Store, from the DJI online store.

I was told by pre-sales that I cannot buy it yet because I will not be able to complete the transaction without having the physical drone present when I order it and thus need to wait until my order from the Apple STore arrives to do the DJI Care transaction.  Is that correct?

Second, related question.  They also said that I will not need to do any of the stuff "existing owners" have to do when I do order it, like the video proof of its condition and flying.  Is that also correct?  I'm a bit unclear how they avoid people flying before they buy in that scenario but as long as I don't need to do a video I guess it's not my concern...

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DJI team

Hong Kong

About the first question, the answer is yes, you need to get your Phantom 4 and purchase the DJI care on the official store. For new products without activation, you don't have to provide the proof video.
If your products have been activated over 48 hours, please click to upload a verification video for approval to join DJI Care. This is a limited time offer (from Feb. 22 2016 to Mar. 22 2016), so act fast!
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United States

There are many people who ordered theirs from Apple and have already received it. Good luck and have fun. I'm still "pending" from DJI.
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