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not all files were saved
609 3 2016-3-11
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Hi All,

I really don't like to say this but my OSMO has let me down yesterday.

I was out in the mountains doing some very important shooting with my osmo and as I came home I was unpleasently surprised. From the 25 pieces I've shot only 6 were saved in the sd card. they were correctly named (DJI_0001 until DJI_0006) but the rest was gone. How can that happen? I even checked on the way to find that the files were on the card, I could replay them and all was well. I didn't take the card out once and always turned the Osmo off nicely. Also the saved files seemed to be random, as files 0001 - 0006 wasen't representing the sequence that I had shot. I.e. 0004 was shot in the beginning, 0001 in the very end.

What could've happened here?

I did use a 32Gb SD card that I normally don't use, was that maybe to much for the OSmo?

Thanks in advance,



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United Kingdom

This happened to me. I just shot a wedding yesterday and half way through clicked the play button and couldn't believe not all the files were there. I was hoping was just that the osmo wasn't wirelessly transmitting all the files but like you found this morning they aren't on my SD! But they are in my dji go app phone library! Now figure out how to download them to my Mac. I reckon it's probably because I hadn't formatted the 32gb Sandisk card that I used...don't think this happened with the Lexar card that came with the osmo. Have you found an answer?  
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DJI team

Hong Kong

Sorry about the situation! Probably the problem is out of the SD card itself, you'd better to format it before shooting. In addition, if you didn't press the Record button to stop the recording before switching off the Osmo, you may lose some of the videos. Another possibility is that if the footage is less than 6s and switch off the Osmo, it can't be stored in the SD card finally.
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Second Officer

DJI-Adela Posted at 2016-3-14 08:22
Sorry about the situation! Probably the problem is out of the SD card itself, you'd better to ...

Or maybe an alien took your sd card and erasing your videos, just to blame the Osmo.

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