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Your Canadians repair experience - did you have FedEx broker fees?
477 0 2016-3-11
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I'm wondering from other Canadians who had their phantom repaired in California under warranty, were you charged taxes/broker fees through FedEx? If so how much.

I'm dreading a bill from FedEx of 100-200$ which is something I cannot afford as a person with very severe health problems that has made it not possible for me to employed at the moment.

FedEx changed their rules on custom fees but i'm not sure I understand what it means, does FedEx now make the shipper pay duty fees/broker fees?

I wish companies would just USPS/Canada Post as they never charge fees and if they do then they have a hard cap and not whatever they want to charge like fedex/UPS, and they are as fast as the competition.  This has become stressful wondering if I'm going to get dinged with fees for a DOA Phantom 3 Pro I've already paid tax for. Really DJI should be taking the responsibility of broker fees when the item sold was DOA.  

This is off the FedEx website.  
How has the Clearance Entry Fee Changed, since February 27, 2016?
Prior to Feb. 27, 2016, the payor of transportation charges was billed for the clearance entry fee and it was included on the transportation invoice. Effective Feb. 27, 2016, the payor of duties and taxes will be billed for the clearance entry fee, which will be added as an ancillary clearance service fee to the duty-and-tax invoice

After rereading the FedEx quote, it seems I'm liable for both now under FedEx new rules, just my luck they change the rules.
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