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osmo not power on
399 1 2016-3-12
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my name is Alberto
The osmo arrived yesterday, i open the box and i put the battery in charge for 5 hours; than i put the battery in osmo and i cange the SD card from 16Gb to 64 Gb
I turn on the system (as indicaten in the user manual, anlock the motor before turn on, etc...)
I down load the SW from apple store and i make avery operations (registartions, etc....)
i make all operations for the fist time as indicated in the app on my I phone 6
I cange the resolution of video and set at the maximum and i cange form NTSC to PAL and the camera restar automaticaly
when i have finish i Make 1 video, but in automaticaly the app on the phone crasc and restart (this for 3/4 time), when i push record video on the osmo or phone the app crash and restart
now the battery was empty and i put osmo on sleep mode and i have remove the battery for recarge
today i have put the battery and turn on the osmo, but i don't ave light, fan, nothyng and the iphone connect but not have the possibility to cange nothing
What may have happened!!!!

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DJI team

Hong Kong

Have you fully charged the battery? If your Osmo can connect to the DJI GO App in your phone, is there any warning on the screen?
What's the model of that 64 Gb SD card? When did the App crash? Did it crash during recording or after the shooting?
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