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Video suggestions please :)
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Please any suggestions on how to improve this video for my future summer videos would be great.

I've had a couple, add in more closeups so not all drone shots and make a couple of the clips shorts to make it more interesting.

Any help would be great. Thanks

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United Kingdom

The best advice I could give would be to watch the type of videos you like & try to replicate them.  Not necessarily in content, but in the way they're filmed & edited.  Some things to look for might be the length of each clip, how one clip leads on to the next, transitions between clips, how smooth is the panning motion etc.

A quick look at your video looks like you want to include quite a few fast movements, maybe following action & making it all look very dynamic.  Don't suddenly mix that with slow, long panning scenes as it conveys a completely different mood.

One thing that will definitely help is not suddenly going from one view, then suddenly panning away or flying off.  You need to increase the speed more smoothly & progressively.  Ultimately you want to try & hide the fact that you're even using a drone, unless that's your aim.

These are all just my opinion & I don't have a lot of video experience other than watching TV but it's how I aim to do stuff.  Here's my first proper edited video, cut out of about an hour & a half of footage.  All slow & calm stuff, which is the mood I was after.

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They look fine Technically. Just  develop your own style. Also look into a Post program like FCPX.
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