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P 4 Performance feedback
637 1 2016-3-17
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Flight distance : 1483192 ft
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United States

Hello to All, I purchased my P4 at the Apple Store Yesterday, 3/15/2016 and did all the Firmware updates as well as the IOS Goapp and the RC.

I really like what DJI did to improve the FW procedures! Nice work DJI Engineering!

Today I calibrated the IMU outside on a level surface and the Compass as well.

Took off for her maden flight to 375 FT and went into a hover mode to ensure no toilet bowl was present.

Then tried all the basic modes as I have done with my P2, P3 Pro and Inspire 1.

Well let me tell you folks, wow what a impressive bird the P4 is over the other Phantoms!

I have two batteries and seeing about 23 minutes of flight time but keep in mind, I am pushing the P4 so I was using the sport mode as well.

The collision  avoidance works, I just did some low hight flying up to a wall and it stops and the alarm sounds off and when I walked infrunt of the P4, is saw me and the alarm went off!

I will be flying weather permitting later this week and will keep you all updated.

But again, this is one heck of a machine and DJI did a great Job!

Best regards,
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Flight distance : 2972497 ft
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United States

Thanks for the info.....keep us updated!
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