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P3 Standard Tablet Mounting System
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I have been using my P3S with an iPhone6, but find the screen too small. I saw that the Nexus 7 2013 is on the approved devices list, so thought I'd have a go with mine.
I saw a YouTube video where someone had used the sticky mount from a car phone holder, as an adapter to allow the plastic clip of the transmitter to hold the tablet.

Here it is - Thankyou Shaun Matthews:

This worked, but the tablet wobbles around a lot.

I am lucky to have a DJI parts stockist nearby, so I bought an additional mounting clamp (about £15). The replacement is made with a metal arm, rather than plastic. I attached this to the other side of the metal bar behind the transmitter, and used another sticky pad adapter so the Nexus is attached at each end.
The car mounting device is available here in the UK at "Poundworld" at £1 each. Bargain!
The tablet is now rock steady. The downside is the increased size, makes it awkward to fit in my flight case. I found the best way to store it is to undo the clamping rings, and remove the ball joints with the tablet and sticky pads attached.

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I don't trust those flimsy looking mounts. I bought the Inspire Smart Device Holder and this; ... =STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Rock solid all the way up to an Ipad Air....
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