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Phantom 4 vs Phantom 3 camera side by side comparison (not mine)
1405 1 2016-3-19
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I've noticed a lot of users asking for a side-by-side comparison of the Phantom 4 camera in relation to that on a Phantom 3 (unspecified model).

I came across a video that appears to be illustrating just that (although not always successfully - see first example).

Anyway, thought I'd post it here for everyone to see. There appear to be differences, some subtle and some less so but without knowing more about the exact setup used (i.e. what exact model of the Phantom 3, camera settings, whether both videos were shot at the same time from the same angle with the same amount of tilt etc.), it's hard to assess the test's credibility.

Either way, the P4 is definitely not coming out worse.

Trust Arthur Konze and his great YouTube channel to have shed some more light into this :-)

In short, the second video's verdict shows that:

The Phantom 4 has:
Noticeably better chromatic aberration than his P3 Pro.
Marginally sharper images
Visibly less lens distortion

but also:
Is more prone to producing a moire effect
Has higher sensor noise than the P3 Pro

My german is not up to scratch so I may well have missed other important points or misunderstood the ones above so if you know otherwise, please feel free to step in and correct me.

In my view, none of the above really stand out if you don't know what you're looking for or are not examining the images/footage full-screen and zoomed in.
Others will have a different opinion but I think most will agree that this isn't the sort of big leap we saw from the P2 to the P3.
Use props

"Is more prone to producing a moire effect"

Moire is rarely understood properly. It is not a fault in the camera or lens system, it is simply an interaction between the sensor and patterns in the objects in view. If it is more prone to moire, that, in my opinion, is a good thing, because it means the lens is sharper and crisper. You can always dial in some unsharpening in post to reduce it, but my preference is to keep my images as sharp as possible.

"Others will have a different opinion but I think most will agree that this isn't the sort of big leap we saw from the P2 to the P3."

To be fair, all we were promidsed was a better lens, and I think that is exactly what we got.

Use props
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