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Unsharpened video and picture after three repairs
476 0 2016-3-21
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Then my P3P on the way for the third time to the Netherlands for service. Was 100% happy with my first P3P, photos and video was perfect from what such a small sensor can deliver. But got cracking of the shell so got it replaced with a new one. And with the new, there have been only sorrows. Blurred images, unfocused batches of images, impossible to get good night shots. Blurry video not asked in the video and so on. It has changed the cables and some electronics. But the main problem that the lens and the sensor does not deliver good picture, there has been nothing about.

And yes I have tried most of the forum tips as adjusting EXP, diffrent lenses, calibrating and so on. Fact is still that the new P3P will not take picture and video with the same quality as the old P3P.

How many people here are happy with the picture quality on newer P3P?
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