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First week - first impressions
671 0 2016-3-25
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Flight distance : 512251 ft
United States

So I'm going to have to come right out and say this is a huge step up from my Phantom 1. Poor "Droppy". He's still hanging out in the closet.

But seriously, that's where I'm coming from. Last quadcopter I flew was a Phantom 1. So if I sound impressed and am generally satisfied, it is not because I am a paid cheerleader brought in by DJI to initiate damage control on RANGEGATE, it's because I flew my Phantom 1 without a GPS lock for 20 flights before I finally figured out how to do that damn procedure. And I think I may have gotten Droppy up to close to 300 feet one time, although then I couldn't tell which way the quad was facing, and I probably landed in a tree trying to descend while I could still see it.

I'm loving this thing. The gimble is amazing. The camera is fantastic (although I would really like a ND filter).

Anyway, I'd like to share a video I uploaded today. It has my first ascent to 400 feet, my first flight over water, and then some stuff I did at sunset tonight that I actually think is decent. I mostly shot it for friends and family who are wondering if I've crashed yet. The footage was actually shot just the last two days. Yesterday we had a snow storm, and today it melted.  I have also done some nice tests with Active Track, but nothing I really want to share yet.

That's a new youtube channel, new branding and logo, and new logo treatment (intro and outro) as well, so any feedback is great. Also, what is everyone doing to afford batteries while they wait on their 333? THAT honestly is the most frustrating part of this experience. I've worked with Getty since they bought iStockphoto, and for iStock for years before that, and suddenly..... I'm not supposed to upload this footage?! And I can still shoot wedding videos.....but can't use this camera? I'm far less worried about range at this point than I am about us needing to organize and starting getting some common sense laws. Anyway, it's great to meet everyone. It's been a lot of fun watching the forum this last week. Sorry if I come off as an ass. The Range issues are concerning. As for battery, I've been doing mostly 50%, and have yet to really push it. So far I've got 2h, 51m flight time, and 29,411 feet, which isn't really too impressive, but I have been flying at least once like every day, except a couple with high winds. I've only tried Sport mode briefly, but liked the reponsiveness. The worst part of the process so far, interestingly, started as the best. I've never had a firmware update as easy as attaching a phone and pressing "GO". I was like seriously amazed. But then it stuck at 99%, and so I waited and waited. I though the craft had power cycled before 99% and took a gamble that it had worked. It was fine, but I did spend 20 minutes thinking I had just bricked $1500. That isn't a superfine feeling.
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